Different Point of View

Different Point of View

Hi! Welcome back! 

When you were last here, this was “In the Process of Life,” which I am still in the process of actually but it was time for a change. I’d like to say that I took a break when the pandemic hit but my break came long before. I read my last post recently and wow, I was like, “girl, you don’t know what’s coming!” Covid-19 was and is no joke. Lot’s of other things have also taken place and I really do hope that you are healthy and safe. 

As for the name change, “In the Process of Life” was really a way of coping for me. I needed it, to help me reflect and process what I had gone through and was going through. I realized some time ago that I stopped blogging because I had reached a point in my life where I didn’t NEED to journal (blog) anymore. I strongly believe we heal by telling our stories. I am sorry I abandoned you, I know many of you were anxiously waiting for my return. 

I am returning now from a different standing. Worthy Soil came from a place of realizing my own worth and wanting to spread that to others. Often, I see how we rely on others validating our worth, comparing our worth or hoping someone gives us our worth. It is such an unhealthy place to live from, and I say that from experience not judgment. If you could envision something with me for a minute, you and I both being soil that desires to grow and flourish. Not only is that a healthy desire, it is a desire you were meant to have. Soil needs to be tended to, cared for, watered and even repotted. It needs sunlight, once seeds are in there, they need to build roots, deep deep down in the ground. The soil needs to be tended to. 

“Soil needs to be tended to, cared for, watered and even repotted.”

You and I, we are worthy soil. We deserve to be tended to, cared for, watered, and even repotted at times. We can look for that care and validation in other people and come up winning at times and losing in others but there is a gardener that will never ever fail to care and tend to us and his name is Jesus. 

Worthy Soil as platform will be like before in that I will share my own process in life and share tips, education, fun things and in the future merchandise (!!!) BUT know that the foundation to all of this is Christ, it all goes back to Him. 

Happy to be back, 


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