Time to Launch

Time to Launch

Exciting news!! I am beyond excited to get to this moment. Talk about a learning curve. From the beginning to where we are now, it’s been a journey. I don’t know about you but I had never before started a business, applied for a sellers permit, searched for quality vendors, screen printed, developed a website etc, etc, etc. I’ve had many supportive people around me through this journey and I thank God for bringing the right people at the right time, although I do remember flipping out a couple of times feeling frustrated lol…just keeping it 100. 

I hesitated a lot with doing merchandise for Worthy Soil because I see it being more than just a merch brand. But you know your girl loves to reflect and simmer on things. Once I took time to do that, I decided to move forward with it. Oswaldo also really really encouraged me, he is a visionary. For a long time now, I have loved standing behind what I wear. If I am going to spread a message through what I wear, it’s going to be a message I believe in. I love fashion and more specifically, comfort in fashion. That is what the vision is for Worthy Soil merch, comfortable, cute & with a message you can stand behind.   

Feeling really proud at this moment, holding up our Spanish "Tierra de Gran Valor" shirt.

(picture - Thinking my mom would love this shirt, would probably cut the sleeves and neck, because that was her style BUT would love the message "Tierra de Gran Valor)

So, if you choose to buy some merch, I want you to know that it’s not JUST a shirt, tote, etc…it has significance. I want you to believe in your core that you are worthy, shame is not for you, guilt does not deserve your investment, doubt has no hold on you…because you are always worthy no matter what. The highs and lows in your life do not define you, the moment you were created - your worth was at 100% and nothing can change that. The merch is a reminder of that, and who doesn’t love to carry a good reminder with them. 

The moment I opened up our box of shirts. Felt so proud!

(picture - the moment I opened up our merch box, so EXCITED and proud.)

Once you purchase, take a picture, tag @worhtysoil so I can see how cute you look!  Let’s go, it’s TIME TO LAUNCH!



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