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Sometimes I think about how fast paced this world is. Things are just a click away, which can be very helpful and at the same time harmful.

It is one of my fundamental beliefs that we are not meant to do life alone. Independence is great, community is essential. Though, as I swipe my finger up to keep scrolling through Instagram, people are only on my mind for a second or two as they come in and out of my screen.

This has been on my mind as of late. I blog about my mourning process and other topics as well but what I write about may only last in your mind or sight for (maybe) a few minutes, then it’s gone. Almost like out of sight out of mind.

What a defeated mindset that is huh? I can’t help but feel like that’s the new truth though.

I see sad news on Instagram or facebook every day and then I see a funny meme and it’s like the bad news evaporated. What does this do to us as human beings? I think it goes back to the community and connection that I have shared about before. It is so vital. The face to face interactions. They’re crucial.

Like a light bulbs warmth vs the sun’s warmth. Similar but not the same.

So I ask, when you hear/see about someone experiencing hardships, anxiety, depression, about someone mourning and grieving…do you see it as something that you’re scrolling through? For me this is personal, my mom passed over a year ago now but sometimes it feels like it just happened. I walk around holding back tears because missing her is just so prominent. I ask myself, how many other’s like me. How many other people are walking zombies or are simply waiting for someone to ask, hey how are you really doing?

In a scroll and swipe away culture it makes sense that we’ve detached from the human connection. The challenge is to be proactive about doing different. Asking the questions that you may assume don’t need to be asked.

Human interactions and community are essential.

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